The Blue Edition

The Blue Edition is a series of exhibitions themed around the concept of blue, one of the most beguiling colors in the history of art.


Nine international artists created works for this show, exploring the infinite variations of blue across a wide range of media. Their work highlights the extraordinary catalogue of emotions associated with the blue from joy to sadness, eroticism to purity, and with a particular focus on its connection to the natural world (sea, sky).

The Blue Edition first opened in London with Art Bastion Gallery in November of 2016. The Miami rendition of this concept placed a particular emphasis on the relationship between the color blue and water, drawing focus to issues of oceanic conservation, sea level rise, and other marine ecosystem concerns that affect the locality.

Exhibited Artists.
Dominique Gerolini

Echo Morgan

Jérémy Gobé

Philip Hunt

Lauren Shapiro

Chris Levine

Andrea Hamilton

Home Eleven

Troy Simmons

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