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Sense of Place

A group of artists all working within a geographical region that reaches North of London will be showing for the first time in Miami, at Art Bastion, Wynwood. Sense of Place will showcase the phenomenal array of artistic expression found therein, one that is not only a response to place but creates a sense of it and describes how we occupy it.


Each of the works selected carries a particular resonance, one that has the potential to transform the new environment in which it is placed. Collectively they celebrate British creative diversity, bringing an exciting generation of British Artists to a new audience in the United States.

This group of artists have been identified for their highly original and steadfast use of different mediums:Deborah Tarr’s oils and assemblages are a sumptuous exploration of colour, harmony and the satisfying – reassuring – materiality of her chosen medium; Jasper Galloway’s powerful geometric grids of colour explore the possibility and flexibility of his own created range of house paint; Emma Levine’s silk and laser cut montages shimmer delicately, inviting you into the space between forest and imagination; and Nancy Cadogan’s thoughtful series of oil still lifes reveal a deep understanding of how we create sense of place through the accumulation of things.


Together, these works describe the endless possible iterations of our connection to place. Their work is atmospheric. Individually they illustrate where each artist found themselves at the point of their making – place in this sense is a state of mind. By traveling across the Atlantic they bring with them a particular reverberation – one that transcends the specificity of their making – and captures the spirit of British art today.

Exhibited Artists.
Nancy Cadogan
Deborah Tarr
Jasper Galloway
Emma Levine
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