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Sacred Geometries

All around us, the world is alive with repeating geometries. From the structure of our DNA and the logarithmic spiral of a nautilus shell to the Pantheon’s great dome, proportion and pattern are fundamental features of both the natural and man made environment. The study or contemplation of the geometric patterns fundamental to the structure of the universe, is also known as Sacred Geometry. It highlights the architecture, or the matrix, of the natural world. Expressed in the form of ‘patterns’ or ‘cycles,’ these mathematical and geometric constants are considered ‘sacred’ precisely because they underpin cycles of growth and numerous structures of natural world. 

By bringing together eight international contemporary artists under the title of Sacred Geometries, Art Bastion invites us to examine the underlying hierarchy of geometries whilst asking questions about the nature of creativity. Sacred Geometries considers what forms and patterns might inspire or predetermine creative output, and asks why certain patterns, shapes or proportions are more appealing than others.

Exhibited Artists.
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